Posted on Tuesday, 25th February, 2014

Being a popular wedding venue in Glasgow, we like to give you as much help as we can. Wether it be in person, over the phone or online. So in our next blog we would like to walk about the importance of wedding photography. 

We asked photographer Chantal Gibson, to come on as a guest blogger, and she has very kindly taken the time to write out this blog post for you all.  We hope you enjoy it. 

Why is it important to hire a good photographer for you wedding day? It’s really important to get right.

In the end, after your day has been and gone what is left are your memories! Your photos provide you with visual memories which you can look back on through your life together.

You only get that once chance to land those shots, to capture those moments you can look back on or those you did not see, to capture those who made your day more then perfect by having them there to share it with you, to capture the emotions and feelings you felt at that moment in time the day you made that extra step in sharing your life together.

Yes you will have friends and family taking photos as well but at the end of the day having a professional photographer to capture your day is an extremely important and worthy investment. A lot of photographers are also suggesting couples to consider an unplugged wedding due to missed shots from guests getting in the way of key moments during your day or even those one off moments. This is something I would highly recommend going forward with your wedding planning with your photographer. Your guests will respect your wishes. After all it is your day and you want to make the best of your investment.

When starting your search ask friends who they have used, do research on the internet including blogs and Pinterest, or maybe even pop into a few wedding shows. Make a shortlist of those who stand out and catch your eye. Every photographer has a different style and you should definitely choose one who’s style you love and who’s photography you think will best match who you are as a couple. Have a look at their portfolio and consistency in providing great images from wedding to wedding. Read up on their testimonials. Following your research make a shortlist of who you love best and schedule a meet and greet! Always important to find a photographer who you get along with and feel comfortable with. This way you will get the most out of your photos, they will blend into your day and be a part of the whole experience! A good photographer will be whole heartedly invested from beginning to end. My husband and I have actually made great friends over the years with many of our wedding couples! It’s been an amazing ride and your wedding planning and your wedding day should be just that! So don’t sell yourself short and hire that photographer who’s photos you have fallen in love with. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed!

Here are a just a few of many pointers on things to look out for and keep in mind.

The Horror stories

We have heard a number of horror stories about people being let down with the results that a non-professional has produced. Couples choosing to let ‘a friend’ do it, or ‘I know someone with a good camera’, or ‘we’re just going to let our guests take the photos’. This is all well and good and you may feel that you will be saving money by doing this, but in the long run we can guarantee you will be disappointed. Your photos are the only lasting memory you will have of the day, and if they don’t turn out, then those memories will be ruined.


1) Good photography is more than a fancy camera. We have spent hours upon hours training to be a photographer and many more photographing weddings. We know how to get the shot predictably every time. We know how to compose the shot beautifully and then execute it with skill and precision. It isn’t the camera that does this – it is us. As we shoot in manual – we tell the camera what it should be doing rather than allowing the camera’s sensors to make the decisions for us. We are also very creative folk! We shall get together with you over coffee and chat about what you want from your photos and what you are comfortable with to ensure we get where you are coming from and what inspires you both.

2) We know how the day flows and we want to ensure it flows smoothly whilst getting those all important shots. We create our own timelines to keep ourselves right. We know where to look and when to catch those key moments and the emotions.

3) We know how to work in tricky lighting. Your guests won’t always know how to light a dark venue. Going from a dark venue to a light venue requires you to monitor the light constantly and react by changing the cameras settings.

< All photos used with permission, courtesy of Chantal Gibson


A non-professional won’t carry back up gear with them, a professional will. This means that if anything goes wrong with one camera then they will always have another one with them. It also means that they will know what to do if a memory card corrupts or if the battery runs out they will always have a spare one.

We would like to thank Chantal for her time and advice, we hope you found it as interesting and helpful as we did. If you have enjoyed her work you can:

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