Posted on Monday, 20th August, 2012
It’s always great to get positive feedback from customers, members and the media. Here we spotted a review on The Grill Room in No.1 Magazine, and we think it captures our vibe just right.. 

Enclosed within the private members club 29, The Grill Room at the Square is an award-winning steakhouse, although calling it a steakhouse does feel as if you’re doing it an injustice. 
Accessed by a small doorway from Royal Exchange Square, you don’t get much of an inkling as to what lies behind it’s impressive blonde sandstone facade. 
Dark wood panels contrast with decadent furnishings, while huge leather booths take pride of place by the window providing panoramic views over one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Glasgow. A voyeuristic delight for those who revel in people watching. The lavish decor might seem pretentious on first sight, but anyone who dines there will know there’s no stuffiness – possibly why it proves popular with Scotland’s “well kent” faces. 
The meal is kicked off with a freshly baked loaf of bread with tomato and parmesan crust and it’s all i can do to grab a slice before my supposedly carb-free companion polishes off the rest. 
We begin with goat’s cheese and asparagus accented with watermelon, which is demolished across the table, but the clear winner lay at my own side – lobster ravioli with spinach. The perfectly cooked ravioli and rich creamy cheese sauce was melt in the mouth. Absolute Heaven. I comforted myself that as there was spinach in the dish it counted as one of my five a day. The lobster was flavoursome and plentiful, giving a distinctive kick to the dish. 
Next we opted for the fillet steak which is where The Grill Room at the Square really comes into it’s own. the prime steaks are dry-aged for tenderness and flavour, before being cooked on a char-grill to keep them tender and boy can you tell the difference! Although i don’t usually eat a lot of red meat, for these steaks i will make an exception. Two huge, perfectly cooked steaks arrived along with a mushroom and tomato sidekick. 
Thick and juicy, i’m convinced they could “turn” the most dedicated veggie into a red-blooded meat eater. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it is one of the best steaks i have ever had. 
Steaks demolished, along with a basket of giant onion rings, we moved on to dessert. My partner in crime conceded defeat, but i am made of sterner stuff. I opted for the chocolate and hazelnut mousse with mango coulis, a refreshing, yet chocolaty end to a perfect meal.
The service at The Grill Room at the Square is second to none: it’s easy to see why the picked up the Best Customer Service Award at the DRAM Scotland awards beating stiff competition from around Scotland. 
The decor is beautiful and the service is excellent, so it’s no surprise that the food is of an equal standard, regardless of weather you are a big meat eater or not, The Grill Room at the Square is guaranteed to bring out your inner carnivore.

Feel free to share your own experiences of 29 with us… 

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