Posted on Monday, 16th June, 2014

JamaicaHouse2014_v2There will be many bars and pubs across Glasgow who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The city promises to be full of tastes from different cultures in the spirit of the many different nations who will be spending a period of their summer here ,and 29 Glasgow is no different.

In partnership with our friends at Barrhead Travel, we won the race to be the cultural and hospitality for the nation of Jamaica for Glasgow 2014.

Over the course of 11 days, the interior look of 29 Glasgow will be transformed into ‘Jamaica House 2014’. We will be playing host to exclusive parties with some of the top names in Jamaican sports in attendance.

During this time guests can enjoy some of the Jamaican culture such as reggae music, Jamaican food and really get a taste of their famous culture.

We will be open to members and non-members during the time of the games.

Our Events Manager, Michelle Mooney said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have been selected as the venue for ‘Jamaica House 2014′ during the Games. Bringing to life one of the world’s biggest partying nations in Glasgow – a place that’s also renowned for its love of a good night out – is tremendously exciting. It’s going to be a huge amount of fun and there will be lots for visitors to enjoy.

Moreover, we’re also looking forward to looking after Jamaican delegates, athletes and guests, helping them to relax and enjoy the very best of Glasgow hospitality.

29 Members will of course be welcome throughout the celebrations and will be invited to their own exclusive Glasgow 2014 Party, while non-members can still enjoy a little taste of the fun in the restaurant or by visiting the museum.

29 Glasgow will be open as Jamaica House everyday from 23rd July – 3rd August, during the hours of 10am-3am.

We hope to see you all at Jamaica House to enjoy an extremely prestigious event that our city is proud to host. The 2014 Commonwealth Games promises to be an amazing event and we hope you will come and share this very exciting time with us.

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